Quality Policy

Promtek is a specialist in integrating smart manufacturing technologies with bulk material handling.

In order to achieve our vision and deliver our mission and values within the bounds of our policies, Promtek Limited operates a risk-based Integrated Management System (IMS), which is managed by our team leaders and audited internally and externally to the ISO 9001:2018 standard for Quality Management. We will achieve compliance in the following areas:

Business Risks and Opportunities

Teams will routinely identify and mitigate all operational risks, no matter how big or small. Cross-team or organisational risks will be escalated to the IMS Committee.


Unsafe working practices, a lack of discipline, low standards of work, substandard working environments, avoidance of responsibility and poor attitudes will not be tolerated at any level.

Leadership and Participation

While specialist knowledge and skills are important to us, ownership of challenges and mitigation of business risks through co-operation with and support for other interested parties will always be more highly valued.


We operate in a dynamic marketplace so we will exercise a high degree of control of our activities to ensure that we are efficient and effective at delivering our products and services.


We will ensure that staff have access to relevant information, instruction, training, supervision and support to enable our customers to meet their commitments to their markets in a responsive and timely manner.


We will ensure that all staff are competent to carry out tasks and equipped with appropriate, correctly maintained plant and equipment to conduct business activities to the highest standard.

Performance Evaluation

We will set high standards and regularly measure and report our performance against them.


We will review our standards annually to ensure that they meet the highest expectations of our interested parties.

1st November 2019