Kestrel™ Manufacturing Execution Platform

Looking for advanced real-time factory control and analysis to optimise your plant and improve production output? Struggling with complicated paper trails or an obsolete process control system? The Promtek Kestrel™ platform offers a solution.

The Promtek Kestrel™ platform is a low-cost manufacturing execution system with built-in open interfaces to a wide variety of common and bespoke SCADA, PLC and ERP systems.

Is your business looking to upgrade an old process control system? You can reduce your capital expenditure cost and long term total cost of ownership by investing in a Promtek Kestrel™ solution that incorporates manufacturing execution system functions as well as process control functions in a single package, to replace your old process control system.

Is your current process control system still supported? Promtek Kestrel™ can provide a bi-directional interface to it to provide MES functionality and extend the lifecycle of your system.

Do I need a Manufacturing Execution System?

If you are mainly interested in scheduling and controlling a batch production process and recording batch and production records in a historian, then our StoraWeigh® range offers everything you need.

A Manufacturing Execution System helps your business to analyse and optimise your manufacturing processes in real-time, pooling data from distributed control systems to identify causes of waste material, delays, failures and manual intervention.

A Promtek Kestrel™ platform solution will use data from your existing process control to reduce waste material, speed up formulation changes and machine tool changeover, record production costs in real-time and eradicate the need to hold extra inventory for ‘just-in-case’ situations.


Other benefits from a successful Kestrel implementation can include:

  • Accurate inventory stock tracking
  • Reduced scrap batches, re-work and waste
  • Shorter batch times
  • Digitise paper-based quality processes
  • Improved reliability and mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Real-time cost data feeding into business systems and management accounting packages
  • Faster implementation times and a longer product lifecycle (typically 20+ years) compared to competitor systems

Further reading

The ANSI/ISA-95 standard describes the scope of MES. Promtek Kestrel is capable of Level 0, 1 and 2 process control functions as well as level 3 MES functions, which is why it offers excellent value for money.