Top 10 Questions about Promtek

  1. Is Promtek interested in Animal Nutrition?

animalWe find the UK animal feed industry to be the most complex and challenging bulk material handling industry in the world. Our product platforms offer innovative ideas for animal feed applications, developed closely with, and tested by, key partners in the industry

  1. Is Promtek affordable?

costWe offer customisable packages on all our platforms, to suit different sizes of customers. Our research and development programme is paid for completely by Promtek, which means customers can access the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

  1. Does Promtek do pellet press control?

kestrelOur partners have benefited from Promtek pellet press control for over 20 years. Our platforms can drive efficiency in all varieties of mill with a high degree of automation, tracking production runs and stocks with liquid dosing, temperature control and energy monitoring where required.

  1. Does Promtek only do process control systems?

storaweighPromtek is modelled on a systems engineering team. As well as configuring our own batch process control platforms, we offer our services as an experienced system integrator for mainstream PLC/SCADA systems, interface with all business systems and third party control systems and provide the support and training you would expect from your own engineering team.

falconWe offer a business system platform called Falcon, a manufacturing execution platform (process management) called Kestrel, and a complete range of process control, batch and weigher controllers in our popular StoraWeigh® range of products. Our solutions are complemented by a 24/7 support team and a specialist service and calibration engineering team.

  1. Does Promtek do panels?

electricalPromtek does more than panels! We have offered full electrical, motor control, PLC, instrumentation and networking infrastructure design and build services from the day we started, which is why most mills around the UK have had at least one panel or instrument designed or built by us.

  1. Can Promtek systems be networked?

opsFor the tech savvy, the Promtek process control platforms are fully compatible with 10Base2, 10BaseT, Cat5 and Cat6 networks, with no external converter hardware. We support them using VPN and remote desktop technology.

  1. Do Promtek systems need to be shut down for modifications?

serviceOur platforms have a modular design and can be patched and updated live, provided there is no safety issue. Future modifications can be tested offline, installed in a hidden state and switched on later. Trivial modifications such as splitting bins, adding levels and monitoring process variables can be done by your own engineers, with appropriate training.

  1. Can I use my existing hardware in an upgrade?

contractsThe StoraWeigh® 9000 and Kestrel7™ platforms are compatible with all scale types, barcode scanners and PLC brands. Systems can be built with a mixture of hardware varieties.

  1. Is Promtek the “new kid on the block”?

quotesFounded in 1972 by engineering pioneers, the company is still family owned and run by the next generation of passionate entrepreneurs. Our staff roster is growing and ranges from dedicated, seasoned craftsmen with 25 years of electrical and automation experience to enthusiastic young graduates with no boundaries!

  1. Are Promtek systems production ready?

productionOur research and development goes through a rigorous process of internal development and testing, followed by closely supervised trials with trusted industry partners. By the time we are quoting you, your new system will have already been run thousands of times through every permutation.

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