As a key engineering resource, Promtek strives to fill the gaps in the knowledge and support of our customer and industry. The company has seen first-hand the consequences of badly designed equipment and lack of operator consequence. At its worst it can be fatal, at best it results in an improvement notice and the loss of business.

We have experienced situations when tendering for projects, where the customer (‘End User’) has declined to upgrade potentially hazardous equipment because they had to choose between an expensive top-rated ATEX solution and a cheap non-rated solution.

This situation was caused because the End User knew that the law required to provide the safety rating themselves but they did not have the confidence to specify it themselves, or the knowledge to evaluate the solutions offered. Meanwhile the mechanical equipment suppliers either chose the top rating to be “on the safe side”, or chose to ignore it in order to make a cheap offer. This is a lose-lose situation as we say in business.

As a result of these experiences, we decided to take a pro-active approach and explore the possibility of creating our own course to give our customers and other manufacturing operations the tools to confidently specify and evaluate functional safety.

The result is our new course called Introduction to Functional Safety: IEC61508 and Related Standards.

We are excited by the result and we hope that we have done our bit towards making our industry safer, while saving our customers a lot of money by avoiding over-specifying solutions!

The course is relevant to any people involved in the specifying, projecting and maintenance of a mechanical project in material handling, including mechanical integrators, plant managers, project managers, safety co-ordinators and maintenance managers.

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